A little update

Hi all, It’s been a busy few weeks… Since moving back to the West Country myself and the M4 have done some serious bonding! We were already good mates but now we are pretty much inseparable! I’ve been doing a lot of backing vocal work for the lovely Ruth Royall lately. We have done some amazing…

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Gig: The Musician, Leicester

It was great fun to be a fly-on-the-wall with Sian Cross last Thursday (Nov 6th) along with Graeme Foy [guitar] and Kate Dean [backing vocals], during their stripped-back acoustic gig at the “Midland’s premier live music venue”; The Musician in Leicester. She was supporting singer/songwriter Nick Harper in what became a scintillating evening of quality…

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Leap Year- A little piece of history.

Delving under my bed I fetch out an old cardboard box. As I take it downstairs I start to reminisce over the hours, days, weeks, months even years spent making the contents of this box. All that hard work, heart ache, joy, frustration, amazement, collaboration, pride and love all encapsulated in this box… Even less…

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Thank You

Pritt Stick, Check. Tissue paper, check. Card, Check. Scissors, check. Tea bags, check! Ok its time to start fulfilling my Pledges. Those of you that were kind enough to pre-order my album and pledge for a little extra while you were there are going to be keeping me busy for the next few weeks! I…

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Logo Competition… So Far

With a new album on the horizon for Sian Cross, there’s a call for some other shiny new things too. Top of the hitlist right now is Sian’s new logo. She’s looking for a brand new design to use on her album cover, website, flyers and everything else she puts her name on (even her…

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London is a great LITTLE place

London has and will always have a special place in my heart; it excites, challenges, consumes, surprises, comforts and fulfills me all at the same time. With all things new and exciting the novelty can wear off, but this never happened with my London love affair, even after almost ten years living there. Those of…

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BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music
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